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Rotten Tomatoes' review: Comin At Ya!

This is the 3D movie that does exactly what you want a 3D movie to do. It hits you with a ludicrous barrage of flying fists, flaming arrows, boobs, and everything else you can imagine - including a truly unforgettable 3D baby diaper changing scene. It's pure lowbrow fun all the way through, more like an amusement park ride than a movie. Cool, laconic spaghetti western icon Tony Anthony is thrust into a world of absurdly outsized and protuberant frontier mayhem. You'll laugh, you'll gasp, you'll flail your arms, and when it's all over you'll want to get back in line and see it again! A shocking surprise hit when first released in 1981, Comin' At Ya! is back in this stunning digital restoration


FANGORIA magazine editor, Chris Alexander, calls COMIN' AT YA! -- "A wild, over the top shock western designed to batter your senses. The re-invented cult classic is full of blood, bats, boobs, style, majestic music and boasting some of the greatest 3D effects that float and fly off the screen and hit you in the face!"

From the standing room only audience at the world premiere during the 2011 Berlin Film Fesitval:

"Saw movie in Berlin, I've seen most of the recent big 3D films and this is perhaps the best 3D I've ever seen."

"Was at the premiere, my group had a wild time, what a trip! When it comes to 3D this is the real deal! The audience even stood and applauded at the end."

"Happy I was at premiere. About one minute into the film a bottle with a live snake coiled around it floated off the screen, moved over the audience and into my face. As I leaned back in my seat the lady next to me and the audience laughed and screamed. She threw her arms around my neck! Amazing! And that was just in the titles!"

From the FANTASTIC FEST, Austin, Texas:

"Simultaneously drawling and ludicrous, COMIN' AT YA!'s pacing is perfect ~ lonesome faraway score…seriously bad guy bandits with the most nefarious of intents…heartbreak and loss…and a snake in your face. Wondering, worrying…what's about to happen ~ bats! Indubitably GRIEVOUS SITUATIONS ABOUNDING…and we find ourselves laughing as they unfold (arrows!!)." - LISA ELIN Houston Movie Examiner

"The 3D action literally pokes, jabs, quivers and rains down on the eyes of the viewer. To its credit, COMIN' AT YA! 3D has a visual aesthetic that gives the audience the feeling that they are staring into the heart of the action." - MICHAEL BERGERON Free Press Houston

COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine communications director, JOE LEYDON, calls 'COMIN' AT YA!' the only 3D Spaghetti Western; a cult favorite that's now been through a makeover, restored and digitized for Theatrical, Bluray, and Streaming release. "A wild and wooly action-adventure with a fistful of full-tilt slam-bang 3D thrills and spills. Everything from flying fists, spears, and flaming arrows to shattered glass and rampaging bats…fly straight off the screen, into the audience's faces, around their heads and bounces off the Dolby 5.1 speakers that surround the theater. It makes moviegoers duck for cover and guffaw with delight."

From The ACTIONFEST, Asheville, NC:

"The most amazing 3D effects exploding DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EYES! What other movie can promise you THAT?" - ED TRAVIS Editor-in-Chief

"But what surprised me was how good the damn thing looked. There are some exceptional sequences in this, utilizing slow mo and great composition." - SWAREZ TWITCH Twitch

"COMIN' AT YA! returns, the first ever 3D Spaghetti Western that has gone through a make-over and been restored in High-Definition, utilizing state-of-the-art 3D technology. The grindhouse-fueled tale follows a vengeful gunslinger (Tony Anthony) on a bloody path when his beautiful fiancée (Spanish heartthrob Victoria Abril) is abducted by desperadoes. Disappointed at the lack of flaming arrows, bats or yo-yos popping into your face during Avatar? 'COMIN' AT YA!' delivers that…and more! This is the 3D movie that does exactly what you want a 3D movie to do: it hits you with a ludicrous barrage of flying fists, guys smashing through windows, snakes springing into your lap, and old-school 3D thrills. One of the prime examples of 3Dsploitation and a must for connoisseurs of action." - COLIN GEDDES Festival Director

"After seeing all the commercials for 3D Bluray television sets from Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Vizio, and LG, they all created the illusion of images which appeared to fly off the screen and into your living room. That sold me. I bought a 52" set with an HD sound package for Christmas. My family, friends and I really enjoy the 3D TV experience of depth-of-field and sharpness of the images. But, guess what? Just like most of the big films I've seen in the theaters…hardly anything comes off the screen. Then this year I was on a fishing trip to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia with three friends. I had seen the trailer and publicity on the Internet for the made-over, digitized 3D cult-classic 'COMIN' AT YA!' and that it would be showing at the ACTIONFEST. So we drove over to Asheville, had a few beers, etc., and went to see the film…what an experience…one minute into the film…laughing, screaming, and clapping…it was like a live concert with things flying around and bouncing off the walls of the theater…a 90 minute big party and 3D special effects better than what I've seen at the Imax Theater in D.C.. Can't wait to get my 3D Bluray and to see things flying into my living room." - FANMAN